Regular meetings of MTACA will be held on the first Friday of the month, with noted exceptions. A business meeting will begin at 10:00am followed by the program at 10:15am.

The MTACA Board of Directors meetings will be called, as needed, by the President.


SATURDAY, September 10: André Duvall —FP Rocci’s collection of piano pieces / Introduction to the piano from 1779 / Opportunities for introducing concepts of gallant style, performance practice, and technique to elementary and intermediate level students.

Saturday, September 24:  RHYTHM SAFARI

10 a.m. – 1 p.m.  (Venue TBA)

October 1, Fri.: Naoki Hakutani presents — at Naoki’s house

Saturday, October 29:  PLAYATHON —

10 a.m. – 2 p.m. at the Promenade on Chenal

NOVEMBER 5, Fri.: Sherry Mashburn — “Games, Gadgets and Gizmos”

at Sherry’s house

December 2, Fri.: Christmas Party —

Sharing of Christmas Music

at Kay Lindley’s house
January 6, Fri.: Rolf Growsbeck presents —  “Folk and non-western influences on Classical piano music:  Mussorgsky, Debussy, Bartok” at Little Rock Piano in Breckenridge Village

February 4, Fri.:  Susan Robbins presents —  “Pioneers of Medieval and Renaissance Music — Introducing Them to Your Students” at Carol Ann Bone’s house

March 3, Fri.:  Jaeyeon Park presents — 

at Naoki Hakutani’s house

April 7, Fri.:  Judy Warner presents — “Kuhlau Sonatina Gems Part 2” at Steinway Gallery in Mayflower

April: Honors Recital (Date TBA)
UALR Fine Arts Building
Little Rock, AR

May:  Composer Workshop — (Date TBA)



Music Teachers Association of Central Arkansas