Regular meetings of MTACA will be held on the First Wednesday of each month in October, December, February, and April at the listed locations. A business meeting will begin at 10:00am followed by the program at 10:15am.

The MTACA Board of Directors meetings will be called, as needed, by the President.


September 10: Dr. Andrew Davis, Clinical Therapist 
        Presenter: Susan Robbins

        Home of Sherry Mashburn

October 1: Circle of Fifths
        Presenter: Kay Lindley

         Home of Kay Lindley


     Presenter: Naoki Hakutani

     Home of Naoki Hakutani

December 4: Christmas Party
         Sharing of Christmas Music

         Home of Kay Lindley

January 8: More than a Music Studio – Building an Awesome Career in Music
        Presenter: Dr. Scott Carrell

        Studio of Don Nichol

February 4: Teaching points on Kuhlau Sonatas
            Presenter: Judy Warner

            Home of Carolyn Setliff

March 4: Musical Commandments – Developing Artistry from the Start
          Presenter: Linda Kennedy

         Steinway Gallery 

April 1: A Vibrant and Contemporary Approach to Teaching Piano
            Presenter: Raymond Chong

            Studio of Raymond Chong
            10401 W. Markham, LR, AR 72205

April: Honors Recital (Date TBA)
            UALR Fine Arts Building
            Little Rock, AR

May 6: Composer Workshop. 
            Details TBA



Music Teachers Association of Central Arkansas