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Benefits When Your Music Teacher Belongs to MTACA:
A teacher who is a member of MTACA is a professional educator who is earnest and sincere in assuming the responsibilities of the profession. Opportunities are provided to students for performance and competition.  Possibilities may include:

  • Musical Safari
  • Piano Stampede
  • Honor Recital
  • Playathon
  • Scholarships to a summer music camp or college
  • ASMTA Festival

We are interested in your child’s music education. We will do our best to develop it to the fullest extent and will seek to make music a part of your child’s life – to enjoy now and in years to come.
If you are an adult who would like to approach music as a long-term recreational or cultural interest, we can teach you.
What can music study do for you or your child? Here are some thoughts from well-known individuals:

* “Since music has so much to do with the molding of character, it is necessary that we teach it to our children.” – Aristotle

* “Learning music helps physical, mental, emotional, and social growth.” – Dr. Frank R. Wilson, neurologist in CA

* “Studying music and the arts elevates children’s education, expands students’ horizons, and teaches them to appreciate the wonder of life.” U.S. Secretary of Education Richard W. Riley, July 1999

* “The future of our nation depends on providing our children with a complete education that includes music.” Gerald R. Ford, former U.S. President

* “During the Gulf War, the few opportunities I had for relaxation, I always listened to music, and it brought me great peace of mind.” H. Norman Schwarzkopf, General, U.S. Army, retired

* “Studying music encourages self-discipline and diligence, traits that carry over into intellectual pursuits and that lead to effective study and work habits.” Michael E. DeBakey, M.D. – leading heart surgeon