Honors Recital Information

2020 Honors Recital has been cancelled due to Covid-19.

Honors Recital is a platform for showcasing the best students of MTACA members. This is a good way to encourage your students who have shown good progress through the year. Students should be capable of playing in front of a crowd and handling the stress of the situation, and not back out at the last minute.

Held Bi-Annually, the Honors Recital will be held April 2020, specific date TBA.


  • Teacher must be a current member of MTACA.
  • Each teacher may have two entries. Ex.: 1. Instrumental or vocal solo. 2. Any kind of ensemble (i.e. piano duet, string trio, chamber music).
  • Only one piece/movement may be played by each student.
  • Students must be school-aged.
  • The maximum time allowed per student is 5 minutes. Entries with advanced students are allowed 8 minutes.
  • Memorization is required for solo pieces; ensembles may use music.
  • Original student compositions may be performed.



  1. By mail. Downloadable form is available at mtaca.org/downloads.
  2. By email to Dr. Hakutani at [email protected]


Important: one form or email information per entry by the deadline date.


Dr. Naoki Hakutani
[email protected]

Music Teachers Association of Central Arkansas