Honors Recital Information


Honors Recital is a platform for showcasing the best students of MTACA members. This is a good way to encourage your students who have shown good progress through the year. Students should be capable of playing in front of a crowd and handling the stress of the situation, and not back out at the last minute.

The Honors Recital will be held in April or May 2023, specific date and time TBA.


  • Teacher must be a current member of MTACA.
  • Each teacher may have two entries. Ex.: 1. Instrumental or vocal solo. 2. Any kind of ensemble (i.e. piano duet, string trio, chamber music).
  • Only one piece/movement may be played by each student.
  • Students must be school-aged.
  • The maximum time allowed per student is 5 minutes. Entries with advanced students are allowed 8 minutes.
  • Memorization is required for solo pieces; ensembles may use music.
  • Original student compositions may be performed.



  1. By mail. Downloadable form is available at mtaca.org/downloads.
  2. By email to Dr. Hakutani at [email protected]


Important: one form or email information per entry by the deadline date.


Dr. Naoki Hakutani
[email protected]

Music Teachers Association of Central Arkansas