How the program works: Students who show an interest in taking music lessons, but cannot afford full fee lessons, are linked with qualified music teachers willing to reduce their fee by at least half to make the lessons more affordable. Because of the partnerships that MusicLink shares with businesses, MusicLink teachers are able to take advantage of discounts on music, materials, teaching aids, electronics, software, etc. for their MusicLink students. The MusicLink Foundation offers MusicLink students $250 Summer Music Camp Scholarships, reimburses MusicLink teachers up to $100 per year for out-of-pocket expenses incurred on behalf of their MusicLink students, and assists MusicLink students with getting practice instruments.

MusicLink teachers are qualified, professional teachers seeking to share their love of music with a deserving child. All MusicLink teachers are required to pass a background check.

For more information visit the MusicLink Foundation Website.

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