Stampede Information

Stampede will be held again in 2020.

Students, Parents, Teachers, and Directors:

GOAL: to present a more musical program (playing very well, staying with the director, keeping the same beat as everyone else, observing dynamic and tempo markings).

Mandatory Rehearsals will be held:

  1. One week prior to the performance….an important rehearsal. Place: UALR Piano Lab   Music must be learned by this time, or the student will be asked to a) play only part of the music, b) play with one hand only, or c) forfeit playing in the program.
  2. On the day of the Performance…a rehearsal/warm-up.  Pieces should sound even better than they did at the prior rehearsal.



  1. Choose divisions and parts for students.  If multiple students from your studio are on the same song, please divide the parts evenly among them.
  2. Music pieces: See and play whole copies of all division pieces at the home of the Chairman. You can copy samples of the Divisions from our website. Order copies from music providers online using information listed at “Student Songs” and “Teacher Songs.”
  3. Send “Student Sign-Up” with one check (made out to MTACA) to the Chairman. Information can be sent by email – use .pages or .pdf. Send check via USPS.  
  4. **Do not let a student come to the first rehearsal unprepared! If they do not know the music well during the last lesson before it, you must decide which of the 3 actions will be taken as listed under ‘Mandatory Rehearsals.’ It will be better for them to hear it from you than from us at rehearsal time. Let them and their parents know from the beginning that this might happen.



  1. Copies of your division music will be provided. Chairman will send you the students’ information after the deadline.
  2. Contact students/parents about rehearsals – strongly encourage them to be ready musically for the first rehearsal.  Check with them and their teachers to make sure they agree with the partners and parts listed.
  3. **If a student is unprepared, you must decide which of the 3 actions to take as listed under ‘Mandatory Rehearsals.’



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