Playathon Information

MTACA Memorial Scholarship Fundraiser
Saturday, December 12, 2020
Virtual Event

Deadline to Sign Up: December 7

The Playathon promotes the awareness of MTACA students and their teachers in the community and raises money for the MTACA Memorial Scholarship Fund. Scholarships are given annually to MTACA students to attend summer music camps, to study music in college, and to teachers to pay for lessons of students from struggling families.

Music: Students of MTACA teachers may perform any piece of music that is well prepared, especially holiday music. They should be encouraged to play their own compositions too. All types of instrumentalists and vocalists are welcome (soloists or ensembles).

Recordings: The format will be recordings uploaded to YouTube. Recorded recitals have some great advantages. The audience can view or listen to them whenever it’s convenient and anywhere there is internet access. Students learn to rehearse for and create videos, which are skills they’ll need for some auditions and competitions. Also, they can proudly think of themselves as “recording stars.” Their families can share and cherish these videos.
Parents and students will take videos with smartphones, iPads or PCs and send them to you, the teacher. You’ll then review and accept or reject them, then forward to the Chairman, Susan Robbins. She’ll review and upload the recordings to YouTube, label them as “unlisted” (only viewable with a link) and create a playlist and program. There will be a comments form so that audience members can express their appreciation. The playlist will be emailed to all participating teachers by Dec. 12, for emailing to their participating families that day. Detailed instructions will
be provided for parents and teachers, including YouTube’s rules about filming minors.

Optional Fund-Raising Recitals: If you have students who want to perform live online, instead of or in addition to making recordings, you can present your own virtual recital at any time and ask for donations to the MTACA Scholarship Fund. If you wish to broadcast it outside of your own studio, you could invite other teachers and their students. With a free Zoom account, for example, you could invite up to 100 participants. Contact Susan for more information on free platforms.

Fee: There is no fee to participate! Students will ask their parents, relatives and friends for donations. Teachers are also encouraged to donate.

Prizes: The 2 students who raise the most money will receive gift cards to
and a musical gift.

Donations: Do not send cash; write a check. Checks should be made out to “MTACA Scholarship
Fund.” Mail checks to: Treasurer Kristin Duckworth, 2200 Westport Loop, Little Rock, AR 72212.

Forms: Email your Student and Teacher Forms to: [email protected] (Mail checks
to Kristin, not Susan.)

Student Forms and checks brought (or mailed) to Teachers by Monday, December 7.
Parents send videos to Teachers by Monday, December 7.
Teachers send videos to Chairman by Tuesday, December 8 (or ask ahead for an extension).
Teachers email Student and Teacher Forms (or just list the info) to Chairman by Wednesday, December 9.
Teachers mail checks to Treasurer, postmarked by Wednesday, December 9.

2020 Playathon Student Donation Form
2020 Playathon Teacher Guideline Form
2020 Playathon Teacher Master Form

Susan Robbins
[email protected]

Music Teachers Association of Central Arkansas